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White Marble iPhone*

Hello everyone, and welcome to another post. 

Lately, i noticed in tumblr and instagram that a lot of people are talking about the lovely minimalistic iPhone cases with the marble style, white, green or black. this kind of iPhone cases are so clean and too luxurious to wear. Honestly, i searched too much on internet about this specific kind of cases but i wasn't sure ill get the right website. surfing on instagram, i noticed that the well known blogger own the marble white with a gold name in the bottom of the case,ctually I've seen the influencer Kristina bazan wearing it during the PARIS FASHION WEEK. this kind of cases come from the swedish  minimalistic company called Richmondfinch

Lets talk about the Richmondfinch company. Richmond & Finch is a Swedish Lifestyle Brand inspired by a weekend trip to London in the spring of 2014. Enthused by the boundless creativity of the British Fashion Industry, they wanted to create stylish mobile cases that would mimic the elegance and sophistication which the Brits are famous for. With that in their mind, they headed back to Sweden and created a revolutionary brand of chic mobile cases that would bring a fresh appeal to the way consumers accessorize their phones. 

So the main feature of this case it what it’s made out of: marble. Luxury materials means luxury case. But at 43EUR is it worth it? YES, IT IS. and with ONE YEAR OF WARRANTY. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE: 

The back of this case is where you’ll find the marble. very soft skin.

 The abstract marble design transforms your phone into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Featuring beautiful and intricate marble design, this protective case brings a new level of style and sophistication to your device whilst remaining lightweight. The Marble Series are designed for those who love unique, fashion forward artwork and tech accessories and will instantly change the look of your mobile device to compliment an outfit, occasion or mood.

Thats all for todays post, i hope you like the Marble iPhone case as much as i do :)) 
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And don't hesitate to contact for any questions. 

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