December Gift ideas for him

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As septemeber has already started 17 days ago, and the holidays have officialy commenced.

This later is started by now, and perhaps you will made a few blunders in your gift giving. The wrapping paper will be peeled back, the box will gingerly be opened, and the fake half-smile will appear. “Thank you,” they said. “It’s…nice.”

A lot of people have this on their minds: omg, i dont know what to buy for him/her as a present, what can i do ?! Well, we can say that all of us have this problem, so i thought i could make a post in order to help you finding the right gifts for him.
Before showing you my collages, let me give some other gift ideas that may help you:
For men: Try Birchbox Man for grooming and lifestyle samples, Me Undies for briefs, Dollar Shave Club for razors, or KLUTCHmen for health and wellness products, like jerky, body spray, and vitamins. If you’re feeling bold, Dollar Rubber Club can even send a monthly shipment of condoms
For women: Try Umba Box for handmade goods, Birchbox for beauty samples, Me Undies for underwear, or KLUTCHwomen for health and wellness products, like tea, shampoo, and energy bars.


  1. Paul Hewitt classical line anchor watch: Anchor watch
  2. Cold anchor leather bracelet: Nordstrom
  3. Little america bag: Revolveclothing
  4. Phoenix blonde tortoise mirrors: Toms
  5. Cashmere scraf: Amazon
  6. Frends X swarovski headphones: Frends X swarovski
  7. Chelsea Timberland: Timberland
  8. Jack spade card holder: Jack spade
  9. Tommy Hilfiger in fragrance: Tommy Fragrances

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