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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! 

' The falling leaves drift by the window, the autumn leaves of red and gold.' 

Autumn is my favorite season, you can notice it through my last 4 posts which i started with some fall quotes.

But The Taste Of Oranges , The Walk In Frost, The Golden Sunlight, The Beauty Of Autumn Colors ,The Magic Of Wet Red Leaves, how sad to say goodbye to this beautiful season. We are in last days of autumn, have you noticed it ? soon, we will say HI to winter, we will say hi to the coats, gloves, long scarves and all that soft and cool stuff that protect us from the coldy weather. 


Today's post is going to be a favorites, i haven't made a favorites for a long time i think, or maybe neveeer.... EUUH????
So this is going to be my november favorites, unfortunately we are in last days of autumn :( how saaad ... so i thought i have to post and share with you my favorites items for the moment and what i would love to get this month, and maybe next month ...  hell yeaaah!! 

Make sure that this post is not sponsored. So all the items bellow are from '' which is a modern brand offering international fashion. you can visit their website for more.
Well, i really loved the items that they got, so i thought all my november favorites will come from weekday. So clean and minimal and far away from street styles..

Anyway guys, you can shop the looks here: 

For look 1: 

Turtle is tee:
Wood blended trousers:
Easy knitted scarf:
For Look 2:

Jafar Jacket:
Bad times shirt:
Wood washed shino:
Vans iso 1.5 :

Timeless sunglasses:

So here is the post of today, i hope you guys enjoyed it, and please make sure to give me more ideas about my future posts .

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