Back to school may be expensive .... ?!

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While I might be significantly older than school age, old habits die hard and I still see September as the month to reflect, review and resolve. I once loved the start of a new school year and for me, it continues to be the time where I sit down with a cup of coffee, open a fresh notepad and think about what I want to achieve over the coming year. And yes, I like to have a shiny pencil case and sharpened pencils too. And maybe a couple of new pens (always black ink). And it wouldn't be September without a  new 'school' clothes, would it? That's one tradition I'm never letting go of.   

I've been indulging in a bit of window shopping on the fabulous website and it's given me some wonderful ideas. features products from over 200 of the most innovative brands and designers from around the world and no matter your taste or price range, I can guarantee that you will stumble across something that you love. From modern, contemporary design to classic, timeless pieces, the products are all swoonworthy. , here is a selection of my favourites ... 

Black fedore: CNDIRECT.COM/HAT

The sunglasses are Designed in a pantos shape, the Dior So Real sunglasses showcase sophisticated architectural lines in a light frame with linear mirrored lenses. DIOR SO REAL SUNGLASSES.
Men’s jewellery has long been a subject that polarises opinion. this bracelet is called ANCHOR BRACLET , and the other one in gold is from cartier, everyone knows cartier. 
What make this wishlist too expensive is the black faux leather backpack. 

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